Benefits of ASL Vtrade

Adam Securities Limited facilitates its clients with easy, accessible and real time equity trading option via Internet through Server Based System. All clients have equal right of using our on-line system. Through our on-line trading system via internet one is able to trade at his home, office or anywhere in the world. Benefits of ASL V-Trade include;

  • Live market rates on the internet
  • Universal access to stock trading accounts via the Internet
  • Instant executions and confirmations on stock trades
  • Confidentiality on all customer transactions
  • Anytime / Anywhere Connectivity with Broker
  • Easy downloadable module with no application Setups
  • Platform independent application based on JAVA
  • Connectivity with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu and Solaris based machines
  • Low Latency (Almost Zero Latency) in Quotes Display
  • SSL Certificate based Web Security
  • Encrypted data communication for Security
  • Comprehensive Market Watches: 100 Index Watch, 30 Index Watch, Sector Watch and Custom Market watch
  • Live Tickers : Upper Cap, Lower Cap, Active Scripts, Top Ten and Custom Tickers
  • Scalable Solution to meet demanding loads