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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has made a commitment with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to increase FBR taxes by a massive Rs1.272 trillion (almost 2.8 per cent of GDP) in the coming budget and jack up electricity rates by almost Rs4.97 per unit in the remaining three months of the current fiscal year. According to documents released by the IMF after approval by its executive board of directors of the modified extended fund facility (EFF), the government has also given an undertaking to continue making electricity tariff adjustments next year on monthly, quarterly and annual basis through “automaticity” of regulator Nepra’s amended powers. The documents also suggest that the government would continue increasing petroleum levy on oil products to the maximum level (Rs30 per litre) this year and next year to collect about Rs510 billion this year instead of budgeted target of Rs450bn. The petroleum levy target for the next year has been set at Rs607bn. The provinces have given an undertaking to provide Rs570bn cash surplus to the federal government and increase it to Rs729bn next year.